Onida Liliput Washing Machine Review | Upto 30 % Off

Onida Liliput Washing Machine Review | Upto 30 % Off

The Onida liliput washing machine is a powerful washing machine. While this Onida washing machine is loaded with useful features which will definitely save your time and effort. Also, the 6.5 kg capacity of this washing machine is very effective in dealing with your daily laundry requirements with ease. While the compact and sleek design of this semi automatic machine gets accommodated in a very small space. This top load washing machine comes with a one year warranty. This is the one of the best top load washing machine of Onida.


Features of Onida liliput washing machine

🔘Hydraulic pulsator

The powerful features of hydraulic pulsator and the effective motor is used to boost the washing performance. This top load washing machine has the unique feature of hydraulic pulsator that enables the detergent to penetrate deep in the cloth fabric. It results in the removal of all stains and dirt particles.


The buzzer facility is used for the reminder. It has two wash programs which make your wash efficient. The Onida liliput washing machine comes with a buzzer facility which informs you to take out the clothes after the washing procedure is completed.

🔘Wash program

The Onida washing machine has the option of two wash programs. So that you can choose the ideal wash setting for different cloth fabric. All these features of this washing machine made it an ideal solution for you. This will deal with heavy laundry loads every week.

🔘Anti-Rust Fibre Body

This washing machine is designed with an anti-rust fiber body which guaranteed to last for years. This is in contrast to traditional machines. It has a metallic body which is immune to rust. This design is easy to move along with the anti-rust fiber body.  The body of the Onida Washing Machine has been designed in a way that makes the appliance last long. Furthermore, it is made up of top quality fiber which is sturdy and durable.  However, Onida liliput washing machine prevents corrosion and protects the body from rusting.

🔘Compact & Easy to Move

The onida liliput washing machine’s compact size ensures that it can fit into any corner of your house. Whether it can be your bathroom or the balcony, or even the kitchen corner. The compact size of the washing machine makes it easier to move it around. However, this washing machine has an effective design which makes it easy to shift thanks to a comfortable handle and knob.

🔘Only Washer (No Dryer)

Lilliput Washer is designed in such a way that your basic needs of washing can be fulfilled so there is no dryer in this washing machine.

🔘Powerful Motor

The Onida washing machine comes with a powerful motor of 270 W. It is combined with its hydrologic pulsator that generates powerful water flow action to ensure better cleaning of your clothes. This appliance functions on a motor are very powerful. This motor will provide better flow action for effective washing of clothes.

🔘Transparent Lid

The Onida washing machine has transparent top lids that have a peek into the ongoing wash. It helps you monitor the whole process of washing. So that you can see every step of wash. The distinctive look, as well as effective transparent top, make it more attractive.

Onida Liliput Wwashing Machine

🔘6.5 Kg Washing Capacity

The  Onida liliput washing machine washing machine has a 6.5 Kg washing capacity that allows you to wash sufficient clothes at one go. Also, This is perfect for a medium family so if you have 3 to 4 family members in your family then you can go for this washing machine.

Onida Liliput Wwashing Machine

Reasons To Buy Onida Liliput Washing Machine:-

There are so many brands in the market that design and manufacture the best washing machine. Onida is the most popular brand. It has the trust of millions with its high-quality products which designs as well as manufacturing its products keeping in mind the needs and wants of the Indian consumer.  Onida liliput washing machine is the best washing machine in india.  Also, Onida includes televisions, multimedia speaker system, DVD players, air conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines, induction cooktops, mobile phones and such.

However, The Onida washing machine has three series which include Sparkle, Splendor, and Hydromatic. Each of them has its own pros and cons.


If someone wants to get a perfect handwash experience then he should buy Onida Sparkle series. The Sparkle series comes with unique features to give your clothes a fresh feel. Also, It has active soak timer, moving display, 400-watt motor, inbuilt brush, tub clean, magic filter, fuzzy logic, Hexo drum, curved glass window, 35% water saving and such.

onida liliput washing machine


Splendor series is a perfect washing machine. It has features and specifications like top lid two parts, memory backup, end of cycle signal, dry tap protection, castors, magic filters, air drying, buzzer, closed rat-proof base, fuzzy logic, transparent lid, error alarm, adjustable leg, auto unbalancing detection, drain hose, quick wash, detergent drawer, auto power off, base cover and many more.


Hydromatic series has unique features like water level selector, 180 degrees door opening, spin shower, fabric type selection, end of cycle signal, the auto power off, drain hose, memory backup, dry tap protection, base cover, soak, child lock, auto diagnosis, detergent box, SS Holeless drum, cycle status indicator and such.

Should I Buy Onida Liliput Washing Machine ?🤔

Onida washing machine price is really affordable. You can check washing machine online. This was our Onida washing machine price list. The Onida liliput washing machine comes with features like drain hose, memory backup, dry tap protection, base cover, soak, child lock, auto diagnosis, detergent box, SS Holeless drum, cycle status indicator and many more. Hope so this article will be helpful for you and you will be able to buy the best Onida washing machine. Hope, our onida washing machine review helped you in making the better decision, However, Onida is the best washing machine brand in India.

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