IFB Elena Aqua VX Washing Machine Review 2020

IFB Elena Aqua VX Washing Machine Review 2020

IFB Elena Aqua VX Washing Machine is our new interest these days because of its unusual features. Hence we are picking it for our review session today!. We always keep on reviewing many products that are worth purchasing. IFB Front Load Washing Machine 6 kg has all the features that are required to give a perfect wash. This ifb washing machine has a Laundry Add function which is just right for you. There are some more important features which are described below. The IFB ELENA AQUA is a 6 kg fully automatic washing machine which is packed with various features that will definitely reduce your laundry work. We have taken reviews from various users who are using this IFB Elena Aqua VX Washing Machine via internet polls and other means.


ifb elena aqua vx

Some Interesting features Of IFB Elena Aqua VX:

✅ The  IFB Elena Aqua VX has features like self-diagnosis and auto imbalance sensors that enhance the machine’s life. This ifb washing machine also comes with an eco-wash feature.

✅ Along with this, the ifb front load washing machine has an aqua filter that is responsible for the treatment of hard water as clothes get a much better wash in soft water.

✅ The IFB washing machine has a special shower system that allows the water nozzle to circulate water completely in the drum with an angle of 360 degrees 🌐. And with this special 2D shower system helps in complete removal of all the dirt and dust, cleaning the clothes properly.

✅ The weight of this ifb washing machine is about 64 kg and its dimensions are 59.8 X 87.5 X 50.6 cm. It consumes 2300 watt of power ⚡ and works at a supply of 220 volt/50Hz.

✅ The most convenient thing is it has 15 wash programs that enable you to choose the program according to the fabric.

✅ Furthermore, this IFB Elena Aqua VX washing machine has Foam control system 🌊 that works automatically in this washing machine as it senses the generation of excess foam and dilutes it when needed.

✅ This washing machine has a crescent moon shaped patterns present on the inner walls of the drum which protects the clothes.

✅ You will also get the facility of tub clean which comes attached with a timer. The ifb washing machine 6kg capacity is sufficient for your daily needs and front loading technology helps in the conservation of energy.

✅ This ifb washing machine price is quite affordable and it has a Protective rat mesh 🐭at the bottom of the machine that prevents any damage from rodents.

Other Important Features Of ifb elena Aqua vx

🔵 2D Shower System 💦

This feature will add dynamic movement to the water and ensures that you get a cleaner and fresher wash for your clothes anytime. And there is a special water system with nozzles which is used to circulates the water 360° in the drum. Due to this feature detergent dissolves 100% and penetrates the clothes deeper for a cleaner wash. While during rinsing, fresh water penetrates deep into the clothes to wash off all traces of detergent. And you will get cleaner and fresher clothes.

ifb washing machine

🔵 Aqua Energie 🌊

There is a special built-in aqua filter which treats hard water improving the life and performance of your machine. This washing machine breaks the bicarbonates in the water and reduces them to crystals. And after that, these crystals are microscopically small and flow with the water instead of forming crusts. Because of this feature the filtered water is soft and facilitates wetting of clothes. So that detergent enzymes dissolve in the water giving your clothes a better wash. This feature is used to reduces scaling on machine components.

🔵 Laundry Add

If you missed out on your favorite shirt? Then This feature is specially designed for you as it will allow you to add laundry even after the wash cycle has started. So you do not need to worry about the anything as this ifb elena aqua vx washing machine has made your life as much simpler as it can..

15fbae3d-47ff-4db5-9d74-9010c604975c.jpg._CB271273105__SL300__.jpg (300×300)

🔵 Crescent Moon Drum

Now when we talk about this feature of the crescent moon shaped pattern on the inner drum then it protects clothes during the wash. There are Water curves up in a swoosh pattern and prevents the clothes from rubbing against the wall of the steel drum. Clothes get a gentle yet thorough cleaning.

🔵 Protective Rat Mesh 🐭

This ifb washing machine has an additional cover at the bottom of the machine which is generally used to protect against possible damage caused by rodents. So there is no need to fear with the rodents .

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🔵 Super Warranty With Wide Service Network

IFB is providing first-of-its-kind 4 year Super Warranty and 10-year spare parts warranty. This support along with a wide service network of more than 450 franchisees across 1500+ towns.

🔵 Foam-Control System 🌊

This washing machine will automatically sense the generation of foam and activates a dilution system to dissolve the excessive foam. So that it will able to maintain the wash quality.

IFB Elena Aqua VX

Ifb Elena Aqua VX Description

🔘 Fabric

🔷 You can wash Cotton, Cotton + Prewash, Cotton Coloureds, Mixed, Mixed Fabric, Wool, Woollens.
🔷 Water Consumption  is 45 l
🔷Energy Consumption in (Cotton/Eco 60°C) is 0.93 kWh.
🔷Wash program time duration is about 09 to 141 minutes.

🔘 Safety Features

🔷High low voltage protections
🔷 Auto Restart/Memory Back-up
🔷 Self Diagnosis
🔷 Auto Imbalance Sensing & Control
🔷 Foam-Control System
🔷 Protective Rat Mesh
🔷 Child Lock

🔘 Temperature Settings

🔷 Temperature Options:-Hot, Warm, Cold

🔘 Weight & Dimensions

🔷 Net weight:- 62 kg
🔷 Net dimension:- 598 X 506 X 847.5 (WxDxH-mm):
🔷Door diameter:- 320 mm
🔷 Door opening angle:- 180 degree

🔘 Spin Speed Options(RPM)

🔷 Spin Speed Options:-800 RPM

🔘 Aesthetics

🔷 Body Colour:- White
🔷 Door Colour:- White

🔘 Special Feature 

🔷 Gentle
🔷 Easy Iron/Inbuilt anti-crease
🔷Rapid Wash

🔘 Warranty

🔷 4 Year on product

🔷 10 years on the spare parts

Benefits of ifb elena aqua vx washing machine

The Front loading washing machines are the best washing machine which is the first choice in India while in united states the favorite washing machines are top loading. But if we talk about other countries, families choose the ifb elena aqua vx washing machine as their machine of choice. This choice gives them a lot of benefits as this front load washing machine has a lot of bonus features.

How you load the clothes in the ifb Elena aqua vx washing machine

This is the major difference between these two machines. The top of the top loading machine is rotated so that your clothes need to be positioned sideways in the waterproof drum. While the agitator is located in the middle of the machine. The main function of the top load washing machine is to spin the garments in the mix of laundry detergent and water.

The difference with the side-loading machine is that it uses paddles mounted on the side to swirl the clothes.  So that it has no agitator in the middle of the machine. The wash-cycle cannot be interrupted and the door has an automatic locking system, which remains in place until the washing is finished. Grab this washing machine online by clicking the given buttons.


You will get the larger capacity of the front loading washing machine which is a great benefit. The drum of the ifb 6 kg washing machine has a much greater capacity to hold clothes. It allows approximately a third more clothing than the top loading machine, as it lacks a central agitator. While in the end, this ifb washing machine equates to greater savings for families. As this washing machine could afford to run fewer cycles with a front loader than a family of equal size running a top loading machine. The results will be the reduction in electricity and water bills.

Unique Features of the front load washing machine

The noise of the washing machine is reduced with a front loader as this type of washing machine is less noisy.The ifb front loading washing machine involves the blades collecting the clothing and then lightly submerging it in the bubbly water.  While the top loading machine beats the clothes back and forth with the central agitator. These unique features make it the best washing machine in India

The front loader contains an agitator which relies on the force of gravity eliminating the dirt. This lighter action of the washing machine prolongs the life of the garments considerably. There are some cons of the top loader are the noise and the tendency to rock off balance as it gets older. However, all these problems of the ifb 6 kg washing machine is exaggerated by over weighted clothes which are practically non-existent in front loading washing machines.

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Other important advantages Of IFB Elena aqua vx

Front loading washing machines have pros like decreased water usage and the fact that they use less detergent. The top loader needs sufficient water to fill the entire drum and at least a quantity enough to submerge the clothes. The Major difference with the front loader is that the drum only needs to be filled with around one-third of the drum to operate.

Rather than the water being strained through the clothing, the clothes are pulled through the water. Particular laundry materials are made for front-loading machines. Also, it has been designed to be less soapy than normal laundry detergents. Perhaps the front loading machine keeps the best water temperature as a result of its unique heating component, achieving maximum washing results.

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Final Conclusion: Is It Worth Buying ⁉

I am personally using this washing Machine and it is totally worth it because of quality.The best thing about this washing machine is that it causes the soap to discharge a variety of components once the water reaches distinct temperatures. Also, It also runs a more delicate action with the clothes. You can also add the laundry even after it has started. You can definitely go for it.

Overall Rating

  • Design: 4.5/5
  • Features: 4.5/5
  • Performance: 4.5/5
  • Usability: 4.5/5

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